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Enjoy a Free Guided Meditation for 2017!-Post-
Enjoy a Free Guided Meditation for 2017!
I am always so grateful to be of service to this wonderful community. Each year I am inspired by the amazing courage and spiritual beauty of those I am honoured to support. So this year instead of sending out end of year gifts, I wanted to give you something to start your 2017 in a beautiful way and to manifest blessings all year long.

If you feel like it is time to enjoy your best year ever, then try the guided meditation I've created to help you visualise and manifest a wonderful 2017. It's 12 minutes long and will help you even more, when done often.

May it fill you with all the light you are and help you transcend challenges and manifest all the beauty you deserve, in your experience.

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Posted By Avril On Sunday, 1st January 2017.
What is the Point of the Spiritual Path-Post-
What is the Point of the Spiritual Path
Sometimes the words Spirit use in their channellings really move me. Said so simply, they bring about profound understanding of complex concepts.

Here is an excerpt from a Soul Map and a couple of channelled readings, I downloaded for clients this week. May the words fill you with purpose also.

"Your pathway in this life involves becoming fully present with all duality has to offer and superseding this duality to create oneness inside yourself.

When you conquer fear to become love, relinquish darkness to honour your light, overcome contraction to expand fully, you will experience the beauty of your true nature."

"In this 3 dimensional form, you are experiencing the shadows of duality.

Instead of remaining in the energies your Soul is used to, those of joy, laughter, bliss and grace, you are also experiencing hate, anger, jealousy, greed and many other 'life' experiences in this d... read more
Posted By Avril On Wednesday, 1st March 2017.