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Enjoy Now and Save Up to 80 Percent Off!-Post-
Enjoy Now and Save Up to 80 Percent Off!
Continuing to give everyone up to 80% off, as a special Xmas gift!!! Enjoy the silly season, you very sacred people :)

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As many of you already know, I am expecting my first child to be born any minute.

While I take a few months off, to celebrate this special moment, I wanted to leave you all a gift to enjoy. So, for a limited time only, I have discounted almost all of my old offerings, some by up to 80% off!

While I am away, I hope this gives you all access to programs and tools you might have been thinking about for a while! Enjoy!

When I do return I will be much less available for one-on-one sessions, so if you do want a session with me, plan ahead.

I have also put some of my sessions that are done remotely onto a different kind of scheduling, so if I do get the chance to do them before October, I can do this. However as a first time Mum, I don't want to m... read more
Posted By Avril On Thursday, 1st June 2017.
Enjoy a Free Guided Meditation for 2017!-Post-
Enjoy a Free Guided Meditation for 2017!
I am always so grateful to be of service to this wonderful community. Each year I am inspired by the amazing courage and spiritual beauty of those I am honoured to support. So this year instead of sending out end of year gifts, I wanted to give you something to start your 2017 in a beautiful way and to manifest blessings all year long.

If you feel like it is time to enjoy your best year ever, then try the guided meditation I've created to help you visualise and manifest a wonderful 2017. It's 12 minutes long and will help you even more, when done often.

May it fill you with all the light you are and help you transcend challenges and manifest all the beauty you deserve, in your experience.

Right Click Save File/ Download here

Posted By Avril On Sunday, 1st January 2017.