Online Student from Australia: 'I have been lent your wonderful books Pure Spirit 1 and 2 and am about to purchase 3. I have literally devoured them these past two weeks. I am reading and rereading them and this, coupled with the grounding, chakra and Auric Supercharging meditations have contributed to me feeling like I am finally discovering who I am! Thank you. Like the mist is clearing. Life is not as scary or confused as it was. I am even able to do things that previously I was too scared to do, like go into the city AND a busy shopping mall on the same day and feel okay during and after! I kept talking myself through it and Auric Supercharging.' read more
1. An Owners Manual for the Soul - Pure Spirit Volume 1 When you read Pure Spirit Volume 1, you'll find out why... more2. The Four Counterparts of the Soul - Pure Spirit Volume 2 Feel like there is something missing from the world... more3. Natural Healing Desk Reference - Pure Spirit Volume 3 Find Answers: Why do some people cure themselves from ... moreIn the Spirit of Success Avril's short story features with others international greats, such as: -Deep... more