Beginner to Intermediate Self Study Online Classes

Student from Australia: 'Thank you so much for your help through this unusual special journey..its been one of the best things ive done for myself and will continue to use the tools ive learnt to keep going on ' read more
Abundance Alchemy There is no reason for not having all the things your heart desires right now and pro... moreAngelic Adventures Do you want to learn about Angels? How do you recognise the events in your... moreChakras An Introduction Are you ready to feel energised, happy, more abundant and attract the life of y... moreColour and Light Healing Do you want to feel energised? Want to aid your health, wellbeing and vitality... more
Intuition and Clairsentience Development What is your intuition? How does it work? Want to learn more a... moreManifest Your Soul Mate Are you ready to call love into your life? Are you ready to attract a loving pa... moreMeditation An Introduction Are you ready to experience more bliss and joy in your life? Would you like ... moreParenting Children of Light Got sensitive kids? Think they might be spiritually sensitive? Want to help... more
Psychic Abilities - Explore Yours Have you ever wanted to know if you have psychic abilities? moreSpiritual Cleansing - An Introduction Would you like to feel great in your space? How about in your sel... moreSpiritual Guides - An Introduction Spirit Guides are around us all the time, just waiting to help. Have... moreWomans Business Are you struggling to find balance with all you have to do? Do you feel unnourished, an... more