Sacred One-On-One Sessions With Avril

Online Client from USA: 'Oh my goodness Avril! This is the first time i was awake during a distance healing. I was at the airport with my husband & daughter, boarding a plane to visit my sister. I felt the beautiful energy as soon as you started. And "Bliss" is the perfect word for it! I was very blissed out, relaxed, zen'd out, etc. It was an amazing feeling of peace and calm. A feeling that all is as it should be. It was absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! It was a wonderful Christmas gift. Once you were finished, i really wanted to go to sleep. I have been relaxing ever since. Wow! What a way to end 2009 & start the new year 2010, with a wonderful new guide and "spiritual antlers". I want to tell you that if it wasnt for all of your guidance, advice, and classes, it would have been a much longer road for me. You're such an amazing person. I hope 2010 brings me a visit to Shamballa to experience one of your first retreats & to finally meet you and thank you in person. Thank you so much! ' read more
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