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Scriptures of the Spirit

This program is the culmination of Avril's 20 plus years of service work, lovingly sculpted into a program that is sure to be a, 'how-to' manual, for life.

In this program, Avril will be combining her knowledge to touch all areas of your life, relationships, success, manifestation, happiness, health, wellbeing, friendships, prosperity, sexuality, living in the world, relations, vitality and so much more.

She will be revealing teachings never before disclosed on how to get the most out of life, have faith in decisions, how to know we are on path, how to come more fully into embodiment and how to live a delicious life, with true unencumbered happiness.

This will be the program of all programs and is certainly not one to be missed!

It is time to re-calibrate life on this planet. This starts with our own lives. As we exude the light that exists inside of us, from being truly present, happy and outrageously fulfilled, we can heal the planet more than we ever knew. This program will teach you to be in your full capacity, as luminary.

If you are part of the change-bringers, you will know this program is for you. It starts with a deep curiosity. Where it leads you, is totally up to you.

You will learn how to have direct relationship with your own consciousness in a grounded way that brings change and bliss into your every day experience. This is not another one of those 'pie in the sky' spiritual classes that gives you no results in the real world. For years Avril's teachings have been cultivated around helping you to achieve joy, happiness, understanding, grace, ease and consciousness, in the real world. More than that, they have instilled hope into humanity, as they have touched the lives of millions of people in more than 61 countries.

Who Is This Program For?

Students who are new to the path will gain the best beginning possible, teachings that can lead them to years of knowledge, light years ahead of other resources.

Intermediate students can expect a boost in consciousness that propels them forward into a grounded spiritual framework that guides their life from here on in.

This teaching is also for the up and coming elders of the world, those advanced Souls who have been on the journey for some time. This paradigm shifting work, will see you take on the consciousness necessary to not only do your work in the world, but to also nourish and satisfy your own needs. Filling your cup with consciousness that supports your life force and joy, allowing you to become an even more powerful force of good in the world.

This program will never be repeated. Although it began on the 21st of October 2017, you can still enjoy the sacred teachings. If you are ready to learn about the sacred scriptures for fully activating your spirit, join now.

What Options of Access Are There?

Option 1: BRONZE: If you have a tighter budget and time schedule and just want to access the teachings at your own pace, you'll receive the 3 hour long module once a month. At the Bronze level, you'll pay $39.95 per month and can pay on a payment plan weekly if you prefer. For the 21 months, you'll pay a total of $838.95AUD over 21 months. At any stage, you can stop the payments, which will stop your subscription to the program content. You can then restart again whenever you're ready to. There are unlimited places on this version of the program. Students receive access to the module feedback Avril offers gold and silver students as well, which has been described as invaluable, by past students. You are welcome to book in extra Soul Coaching sessions, as needed through Avril's normal booking system.

Silver and Gold Streams are Sold Out!!!
Bronze Places Are Available

Option 2: SILVER: You'll receive the 3 hour module every month, plus you will get 10 minutes of direct feedback from Avril every month. Students in the past have found this interaction one of their favourite parts of previous programs, because of the way it tailors the program to their direct needs and experiences. You'll also be able to hear feedback from others students, all collated in a completely confidential manner, so no student is ever identifiable. This allows students to share deeply authentically and brings a massive depth to the overall experience of the program. There are only 5 places available for this level of the program. Students of this level must commit to staying up-to-date with the modules. Silver students will pay $89.95 per month and can pay by weekly if they prefer. This means for the 21 months, you'll pay $1,888.95AUD in total.

Option 3: GOLD: Students at the Gold level will receive the monthly module, 10 minutes of feedback from Avril monthly, access to other students feedback, plus they will receive 21, 1 hour monthly Soul Coaching sessions over the phone with Avril. These sacred sessions are very limited. Joining this level of the program guarantees you a place with Avril once a month as a priority over any other clients. Soul Coaching is a way of deeply integrating teachings, taking core concepts to the next level, deepening consciousness and activating dormant possibilities. In each session Avril holds space for the most potent version of you, to emerge. Students find this level of activation takes their growth to a whole new level of possibility. Gold students must keep up with the modules every month to stay qualified. There are only 5 places available for Gold students. Gold students will pay $339.95 per month and can pay weekly on a payment plan if they prefer. Gold students will pay $7138.95AUD in total for the 21 months.

Option 4: PLATINUM: Students who have kept up with the class modules, received feedback (so at least Silver Level or above) and have had at least 11 Soul Coaching sessions (on top of the Silver Level) or have completed the Gold Level in full, will also be offered a sacred place on retreat, face-to-face with Avril. This will be place limited. The retreat will go for 50 hours over 10 days, taking place in November 2019. During this retreat, students will encounter an unfathomable alchemical transformation, to help them seed in their roles as Elders for their community and service work. This retreat will take place 50km south of Coffs Harbour east coast of Australia. More details will be made available to students who qualify once enrolled. The final cost for Platinum level students for the retreat will be shared closer to the date, but students should prepare for an extra cost of around $2,500 AUD on top of the gold level. Payment plans will be made available 12 months before the retreat start date. So the total for this level of the program will be around $10,000 AUD over 24 months, depending on where you are flying from around the world.

Students will be admitted into the higher levels of the program only at Avril's discretion and will be assessed in the order received. Once the levels are full, there will be no more places available, as there is only one Avril!

Monthly Module
Monthly Personalised Feedback
Monthly Soul Coaching Sessions
Retreatpossible with 11 extra sessionspossible

How Much Do I Spend and Save?

Due to the fact that this class is offered with so many components and so many students enjoy it at once, Avril can offer all students big discounts on normal prices. To see how much you will save off normal individual prices look at the chart below.

Weekly Cost$9.75$21.55$80.63$99.55
Monthly Cost$39.95$89.95$339.95$420 approx
Total Cost$838.95$1888.95$7138.95$10000 approx.
Package Savings$214.20$666.40$1716.40$9216.40

Payments are accepted through Paypal's secure gateway, allowing you to pay with all major credit cards or your bank account. Please note: weekly payment plans are slightly higher because of extra Paypal Fees that occur each payment.

Avril is so sure that you will absolutely LOVE this program and gain so much from it, that if you have completed the whole program and do not feel this way, you can have 100% of your money back. This journey is going to enrich you incredibly. So enjoy, risk free.

How Do I Register Now?

If you would like to book in now, please choose your preferred level and choose the time frame of payment in the chart above.

If you'd like to pay in full or weekly for the Bronze version of the program, just scroll up to the top of this page and click the 'Enjoy Buy Now' button.

Other levels require Avril's approval before students can enroll. In the meantime, show your commitment to the program and reserve your place by signing up for the Bronze level (click the click the 'Enjoy Buy Now' button at the top of this page) and then send a message through the contact us form on the web site, asking to be admitted to the level you'd like to join. Make sure you let us know what payment option you'd like, weekly, monthly or all at once, too. Within a couple of weeks, Avril's team will get back to you to let you know if there is a place for you. If so, you'll be sent another link to a Paypal form, to pay the balance/ or start a secondary payment schedule.

What Are The Dates

This sacred new program begins on October 21st. Students will be given a module that consists of video, audio, readings, experiments to try, quizzes and much more. You may also be asked to access external materials like books, movies, videos, try specific sessions with local practitioners and find local places to practice the material. Each module will be designed to take approximately 3 hours each month. Gold and Silver students should expect to spend 10 minutes giving and receiving their feedback and around 1.5 hours listening to other students feedback each month, if they choose to (highly recommended, especially for retreat potentials). Gold students should expect to spend another hour each month for their one-on-one phone session with Avril.

There are 21 modules due to be released for the program on the 21st of each month. There will not be modules released for December each year. The program will conclude at just under 2 years.

Gold Students will have times made available for their Soul Coaching sessions that suit both Avril and the students. In the past we have found a way to work with many different time zones, so rest assured we will find a time that suits both you and Avril.

What Are The Technical Requirements

You do not require any special software to do this program. You can access the content at your own pace, on any device with Internet access 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You don't need to have any technical skills. You will need to check your emails, access a web page you will need to log into and submit an electronic form if you are a Gold or Silver Student. You will also need to download content and materials. Avril always includes a help file at the beginning of every program and as yet after more than 10 years of doing these kinds of programs, we have not had a single student unable to manage the simple technical requirements needed. So rest assured, you don't need to be techno-savvy, just willing to follow some simple instructions.

Further Class Content Information

Avril combines spiritual knowledge downloaded through channelling, her training in psychology, counselling, spiritual healing with shamanic landscapes, ritual, spiritual practice and psychic and mediumship training. Each class is a combination of energies weaved together to produce a unique offering. Her 'Guides' also dialogue with the spiritual guidance of each student, combining individual spiritual needs into the framework. This is why you will gain so much, by being part of this training. It is tailor-made for the students attending.

In this training you can expect to be asked to try meditations, audio exercises, take on new mindsets, challenge old frameworks, make friends with your own shadow, break through old barriers, let go of outdated beliefs, get in touch with the direction global consciousness is moving, become powerful, embody practices that empower your full potential, try personal rituals, engage your story, witness self-created landscapes, step into your power as co-creator, anchor more of your Essence and own your great and profound beauty more deeply than ever before.

Each module will have a theme. This theme when worked with, will help you to shift your consciousness to embody a deeper state of your personal truth around it. Whilst all beings have their own truth, these suggestions are the Scriptures of Your Spirit. They are designed to help you awaken your Spirit, to know it more deeply and to allow its wisdom to permeate your life. We each have a unique lense to the Spirit. You will not be force fed doctrines, you will be invited to look beneath such things, to find your core understanding.

When your Spirit is in direct relationship with your life, you will feel a sense of wholeness never before experienced. Then the fundamentals or teachings of your Spirit, can begin to inform you. They will help you make choices rather than enhance rather than limit you.

These teachings are not only about informing your life. They are also the foundations for understanding the profound journey humanity is upon. Once understood, they bring the peace that knowing, truly helps us embody. You will not only see your world through different eyes, but your perspective about the greater shifts in the world will change immensely, allowing you to take your place in the forefront of the consciousness evolution, we are all bringing into being.

Students who take this journey can expect profound spiritual growth that nurtures them emotionally, mentally and physically. They will experience metamorphosis, as they embody the true teachings of the Spirit, the way we were all meant to live and how this blueprint can shape their own personal choices and lives. This will be a profound journey indeed!

Students of the Gold and Platinum levels will no doubt embody these teachings in such a way, that their program will be more like a rite of passage into Elderdom, awakening the sacredness to the point where delusions can no longer stay and clarity is the way forward. The journey will be alchemical indeed.

For those newer journeyers or those doing the Bronze level only, you will be given a framework, never before released on this planet, with which you can empower yourself, your gifts and your great beauty in the world. Expect amazing changes. This program will bring you into more clarity and knowing than ever before and give you a road map, to continue your journey from a very powerful place.

This may well be one of the last, if not the last, program Avril offers where you get direct access to her in this way, so don't miss out!

Calling all Future Elders!!!

Avril has been called the 'spiritual version of google' and 'a force of nature' by her students. What has such a Master learned after 20 years? In this program, you will find out!